Category: Technical Reports

Adopted Highway 126 Fern Ridge Corridor Plan

Click here to view a copy of the adopted plan: Highway 126 Fern Ridge Corridor Plan- Jan 2013

Evaluation of Alternatives Report

This memo evaluates the alternatives based on the project criteria: Evaluation of Alternatives Tech Memo #10.  For a complete summary of the information and studies used to write this memo, see Environmental Background and Screening Evaluation Report.

Existing Transportation Conditions

Click here to download a copy of Existing Transportation Conditions Memo. OR 126W Corridor Plan_TM #2 (Existing Conditions)_Final 9-23-11

Policy and Plan Review

Download a copy of a document that reviews existing plans and policies that relate to the project:  OR 126W Policy and Plan Review

Draft Project Need, Goals, Objectives, Criteria

Download a copy of the document:  Project Needs, Goals, Objectives and Criteria 1-11-12